Sleigh Bed Style Blanket Box

Code: SBB-M


Wood finishes

Select the wood finish you want to order this item in.

None Natural Finish $0.00 Pecan Finish $0.00 Medium Tea Brown Finish $0.00 Classic Finish $0.00 Cherry Finish $0.00 Noche Antique Finish $0.00 Rosewood Finish $0.00 English Mahogany Finish $0.00 Salak Chocolate Finish $0.00 Tea Brown Antique Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique Silver Finish $0.00 Plain White Finish $0.00 Plain White Distressed Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique White Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00

Fabric selections

Select the fabric finish you want to order this product in.

None Light Cream Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Latte Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Caramel Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Grey Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Golden Latte Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Pink Mauve Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Sky Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Mustard Gold Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Burgundy Maroon Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Ruby Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Cherry Blood Red Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Grape Purple Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Aqua Turquoise Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Royal Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Navy Dark Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Chocolate Brown Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Grey Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Black Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Emerald Green Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Edwardian Dark Green Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Damask Madrid Latte $0.00 Damask Madrid Mustard Gold No.5 $0.00 Damask Madrid Golden Latte No.1 $0.00 Damask Madrid Ruby No.4 $0.00 Damask Madrid Burgundy Maroon No.6 $0.00 Damask Marbella Red, Black, Gold No.10 $0.00 Damask Marbella Red, Gold No.9 $0.00 Damask Marbella Cream, Red No.3 $0.00 Damask Marbella Mustard Gold No.6 $0.00 Damask Marbella Grey No.4 $0.00 Damask Marbella Grey and Black No.5 $0.00 Leopard Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Tiger Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Zebra Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Cream $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Red $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Black $0.00 Broken White Comfort Synthetic Leather (Light Off White Cream) $0.00 Cream Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Gading Bone Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Cappuccino Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Tan Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Aubergine OSC-01 Synthetic Leather $0.00 Maroon Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Red (Ox Blood) Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Red Plum Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Green Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Grey Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00
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