[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Another gorgeous image we are featuring here on the blog! We love the final finished product when we deliver to our customer homes. How good does this room look? We had some really lovely customer's come and select quite a few items from us, this was their dining room. These customers did such a perfect job on selecting the right finish, the right style and the right combination to compliment their dining room. We can help you achieve this too! We specialise is making sure you select the perfect furniture for your home and end up with a result like this. We have over 20 years experience in the industry and we are always up with the latest designs, colour trends and revivals.

This particular dining setting is from our Louis French provincial range and shows what louis luxury can look like. The setting hasn’t even been accessorised and it looks like luxury dining room heaven!! Formal dining rooms should ooze opulence, be everything you dream off and should show your guests that you want them in your home.

Our customers selected and ordered this setting in a very warm and inviting walnut colour that we call our Medium Tea Brown. The finish is gloss and shows the wonderful characteristics of natural timber. The table is made of certified plantation sustainably grown mahogany and has no veneering, no MDF, its all pure natural wood. These chairs, aren’t they just stunning! One of our most popular chairs across the hole board. They are brought to use as dining chairs, as occasional chairs, as office chairs, as waiting chairs, as bedroom chairs. We have just about supplied a chair like this for every different type of space. They are so lovely! Again made from certified plantation sustainably grown mahogany the chairs are top notch. These chairs are upholstered in a off white thin regency striped linen fabric with diamond folded tufted buttoning and antique brass pin studs around the upholstery. Want this?! You know what to do! Call us 03 9736 9490.


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