[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the antique reproduction shop we are passionate about what we create and what we can offer our customers. We love to put together collections from around the world to show you what you can create. Here we have created a neutral luxurious stylish mood board compiling antique white finished furniture, neutral toned textural accessories and some old classics to take into a modern French revival.

We have featured a few of our key pieces that we know our customers love. The double chaise love seat is a popular one. They are absolutely stunning. They have an incredible style about them and fit into so many decors. The French bed is also another favourite. It’s a very subtle classic styled bed that still offers a feature to a room. They desk also another favourite. These little French inspired desks are so very clever. They hold secret little compartments, there fun and interested and show what early era furniture offered. The fur rug and the designer cushions, the extra touches, put it all together and you can create something super special.

Putting together a mood board can set you up and keep you on track in designing your home. Sometimes people need help, sometimes people just know what they are doing. Mood boards are a great way to put together the look you desire and help you get to the finishing stage. We have so many clients bring in their compilations, mood boards, pictures, photo’s to show us “Hey, this is what we want”.

We love creating and helping you finish the home that you desire. Its hard work creating the most incredible stylish home that you want to make sure you will love forever. Simple design tricks and the right furniture that compliments your home will make all the difference. Have a look around our website, it might get your creative mind on its next pathway into style……


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