So wow amazing! Black Glamour at its finest. It’s a modern trend at the moment to put black with old antique French style. Its something else. Gloss black mixed with a little French changes everything, its modern, its stylish and it’s a little more special. We have so many customers and clients that take our French black style and create incredible things.

This amazing image is a day spa beauty boutique that one of our clients has created. This salon is complete with its very own black and silver exquisite French provincial chaise lounge. The chaise lounge is finished in our stunning antique silver gilt finish with a lovely subtle matt black synthetic leather. The counter and mirror gloss black, and chandelier, I mean WOW! This client has put together and incredible entrance/ waiting area to greet their customers on arrival and enjoy whilst they wait for there appointment.

So stylish, so incredible, so todays black glamour style! Do you want something like this? We specialise in creating all of this! What you surround your customers in really can make all the difference! I know I would feel super special and would even pay that little bit extra for my service to be surrounded by such beautiful ambient luxury when I’m about to be pampered and feel human again. I’d have complete confidence that I am in the best place getting the best that I deserve.

The reality is, this kind of business doesn’t buy this kind of furniture for them, they buy it for you! They want to give you the best, show you they are the best and make you feel like never going anywhere else again. Yes! We can make your business or even your home offer just this. We have the passion and we have the experience to give you or your business that little something that divides you from the rest. We love what we see here, our customer inspire us to want to give the world more!


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