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Visit Us at Our New Address
31/70-72 Cave Hill Road, Lilydale, VIC 3140

If you have just moved to your first new home, if you are looking to upgrade, if you are just sick of looking at your outdated and worn sofa, bed, chair, dining table or any of the furniture that we use everyday then this blog is for you.

Fast Furniture

We have all heard of fast fashion. Clothes that are cheap, not made to last and that reflect the trend of the season. Well there is fast furniture too. The aim is to produce cheap, trendy furniture that will not last and therefore the customer is forced to buy more to replace broken furniture or their pieces become outdated. It is usually made of particle board with a veneer.

There is a place for fast furniture. Students who need to cheaply furnish their space, if your home is temporary and removalists are expensive or if you want an on trend home. However, it is a better investment to purchase good quality large pieces like sofas, dining tables, accent chairs, beds ect and buy trendy homewares and decor as they are easily replaced. For your large pieces stick to furniture made of whole materials like solid wood, glass or metal. Our products at The Antique Reproduction Shop take time to create. The timber is dried, hand carved, upholstered and finished with attention and care.


This is where you can give free range to your pinterest passion. Research and pin interiors that you like. See what they have in common. You might notice that big furniture is in a neutral colour, black, white, cream, beige, grey ect. The accent piece, decor and homewares is where they play with colours. Of course if you want a scarlet red bedroom go for it. Cushions, blankets, vases and all the little bits that bring a room together can be as patterned and coloured as your trendy heart desires because they are easily replaced. Here at The Antique Reproduction Shop we have experienced staff to help you with your colour palette and selection.

What it is made of

First of all avoid particle board. Veneers peel off, if it gets wet it swells and crumbles and it does not last. How to tell the difference? Is it peeling, can you feel the grain of the wood, are there carved details? (particle board cannot be carved).

Pine timber can be great for pieces that do not see a lot of use. It is low cost and holds paint well. However, it is prone to chips, dents and scratching because it is a soft wood.

All of our products are made of solid Mahogany (and a small selection in Tassie Oak). Not only do we use Mahogany for our hand carved details but also because it is durable and a high quality wood. All of our mahogany wood is sourced from sustainable plantations. And surprisingly it does not come with a huge price tag.

Any solid hardwood is great for furniture. Other varieties of hardwood like cherry, oak and walnut are very durable but they do come with a hefty price tag.

The foam that cushions your furniture is usually the first thing to wear down. Lesser quality low density foam wears down quickly leading to sags and loose fabric, can become mouldy and tears easily. We use high density foam which holds shape and does not tear easily.


This one really does come down to preference and practicality.

Genuine leather does need to be looked after with leather products however it is durable, long lasting, timeless and the smell is divine.

Vinyl can be a great alternative to leather but it has to be a high quality vinyl that won’t flake, peel and it should have uv protection.

It is hard to classify fabric. Some upholstery fabrics are delicate and some are tough and durable. It is really up to you but ask yourself a few questions. For example will my young children destroy this gorgeous white fabric with food/textas/just sitting because they seem to destroy everything/ect? Will this green and purple triangle pattern date quickly? Will this chair be used everyday or only occasionally? Also it is always a great idea to get your fabric scotch guarded for protection. We can help you with advice on which fabric will suit your needs.


This is where our ‘bias’ comes in but really you cannot go wrong with traditional and antique designs. They are timeless for a reason. Elegant lines, harmonious curves, intricate details and they make for an opulent home. Traditional design no longer means dark and stuffy. Our Baroque and Rococo reproductions are whimsical and work well with modern decor. Our French Provincial range can be rustic with a few little country homewares or luxurious with gold vases and drapery. Our Victorian range can look gothic in black or warm and comforting in our wood coloured stains. You can also mix and match fancy detail with plain carving.

At The Antique Reproduction Shop we can help you with all of your furniture and design needs. Feel free to get in touch today.


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