Bar Base Victorian Colonial Style Small Home Pub



W=170cm D= 55cm H=110cm

Part of our wonderful range of antique reproduction furniture is this colonial style bar base. This traditional style home pub bar is full of character and style. Featuring bar base with 4 draws and shelving, colonial design post detail and solid mahogany construction. This amazing bar is the perfect addition to your home. Enjoy high tea's, dinner parties, cocktail nights and weddings with style and class. Have all your friends drinking from your very own pub right at home! We also custom make our bar's to size and spec's. So you want it custom made?! We are your store!

Available in a range of different wood stain colors, painted finishes, gilts, and more.

Please contact us for further information. 03 9736 9490  

Bar stools not included.

Please take note when placing an order online: If this item is not available immediately, there can be a 12-14 week wait. Our products are handmade and designed. Carvings, profile placements and small features can differ slightly. Every piece is unique and has its own special unique signature. Our products are constructed in solid mahogany and hold characteristics of natural timber with knots, grain features and joinery. Wood stain colors, painted and gilded finishes and upholstery may appear differently from your computer screen or device. We unfortunately do not accept returns or exchanges for change of mind, so please select carefully. Thank you for viewing this product, happy buying!

Wood finishes

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None Natural Finish $0.00 Pecan Finish $0.00 Medium Tea Brown Finish $0.00 Classic Finish $0.00 Cherry Finish $0.00 Noche Antique Finish $0.00 Rosewood Finish $0.00 English Mahogany Finish $0.00 Salak Chocolate Finish $0.00 Tea Brown Antique Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique Silver Finish $0.00 Plain White Finish $0.00 Plain White Distressed Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique White Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00

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None Broken White Comfort Synthetic Leather (Light Off White Cream) $0.00 Cream Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Gading Bone Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Cappuccino Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Tan Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Aubergine OSC-01 Synthetic Leather $0.00 Maroon Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Red (Ox Blood) Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Red Plum Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Green Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Grey Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00
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