Well I would work in this office everyday for hours on end! This room is beautiful, we absolutely adore it. Can you image working in an office like this….. The views are sensational! Modern French revival with style and sophistication. Its almost throwing the Victorian era as well with a fresh modern inspired uplift.

The room was fitted with an extremely rare old refurbished door as you can just see on the left. I know this door was very special to our clients a that. The room was created around the door and these piece were styled to compliment it. The neutral panelling on the walls and around the windows creates an incredible effect in the room. The wall paper, the floor, everything put together in this room has created something special! We absolutely love it.  Its fresh, again sophisticated and a work space to die for.

The desk in this home office is our Partner’s desk 180cm, a replica presidents writing desk. The desk is paired with our classic Victorian styled office chair with double tufted buttoning and pin studding around the leather.

The finishing on these pieces are in what we call our Salak colour wood stain. The Salak colour is a very dark deep chocolate colour or a black brown wood stain. This stain offers a deep colour that still shows the natural wood grain of the solid timber that we use. The leather used on both pieces is a subtle soft light cream colour synthetic leather that compliments its finish. Our furniture compliments so many different homes and can be styled in so many different ways.

These customers have done a fanstastic job to create an office which I am sure they enjoy everyday. I could totally lock myself in this office and get my creative mind into overdrive.

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