The first part of creating a product for The Antique Reproduction Shop is sourcing the mahogany wood from plantations. We believe that natural forests should be preserved and so we buy our wood from certified and sustainable mahogany plantations. The wood is then thoroughly dried before any work begins.

The transformation process is nothing short of amazing. The skilled workers carve, sand, build, stain and upholster our furniture. They can create a French Provincial Chaise Lounge, a Baroque Arm Chair, a Louis dining setting, a Victorian bed, a Resolute desk and just about anything we can imagine.

Our finishes start from a natural wood look to a dark mahogany or even the warmth of a natural walnut oak in both a semi or a full gloss polyurethane application. We have silver, gold, white, black, cream, colour and distressed A finishes available. We can upholster in synthetic leather or genuine leather in a range of colours. Also available are patterned and luxury fabrics, micro velvets and solid coloured fabric in a veritable rainbow of choice.

The furniture is then carefully packed and shipped (by the fastest route possible) and arrives in store. We then carefully unpack and check all the products before adding them to our ever growing showroom stock or courier them to our Australia wide customers.

It has been a long process for us to find and work with a manufacturer that has as high standards as us. Many hours of research and dedication have gone into sourcing only the best for our clients. We can confidently stand behind our products and state that today’s reproductions are tomorrow’s antiques.

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