The 7 Principles of Interior Design

According to the Launchpad Academy  there are 7 principles of Interior design.

  1. Unity - there should be a flow of harmony and unity. All the elements should compliment each other.
  2. Balance - There are three ways of achieving balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial where there is a central focus point.
  3. Rhythm - Repetition, alternation or progression of patterns, textures or colours.
  4. Emphasis - The focal point. Items around the focal point should compliment not compete.
  5. Contrast - You can use colour, form or space to create a contrast.
  6. Scale and Proportion - A high ceiling needs high rise furniture. A large couch needs large cushions.
  7. Details - Be mindful of the small details.

Mixing Antique Furniture with Modern Elements

Coloured Soft Furnishings

One of our clients has beautifully paired pastel colours with Antique Reproduction bedroom furniture. The pop of colour leads your eye to the focal point of the room and creates a contrast with the more neutral tones of the wood finish, cream upholstery and feature wall.


Modern Rugs, Curtains or Wall Art

This is a wonderful example of modern mixed with antique. The rug has a modern monotoned circle pattern which contrasts with the warm wood of the custom made rectangle coffee table. The ornate French Alice Throne Chair next to a simple modern couch creates a dramatic contrast and the pop of colour cushion ties them together.

Our signature Chaise Lounge blends with this gorgeous modern monochromatic room. The carved fire place is balanced with the french provincial carving on the chaise. Grey with white trims has become a common colour combination for many modern homes. The grey wall, curtain blind and fur rug compliment the silver finish and the white trim is reflected in the white upholstery of the chaise. The wood floor and fire adds warmth, contrast and prevents the room from looking sterile.


Modern Upholstery Fabric

A very easy and popular way to blend modern with antique design is to upholster the piece with modern patterned fabric. At The Antique Reproduction Shop we have a huge range of fabrics to choose from. We can upholster your reproduction antique furniture with Warwick Fabrics, we have recently partnered with Zepel Fabrics and we offer our own range of upholstery.

The beauty of blending modern with antique furniture is the feeling of nostalgia and charm when walking into a well balanced room.

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