Leopard Print Stool

Code: 32450

size:W: 48cm D: 55cm H: 48cm

Finishes and fabric selection NOT APPLICABLE. Available only as shown.


This stunning leopard print stool upholstered in quality woven leopard print velvet is the perfect piece for your bedroom, living room or entry space

Wood finishes

Select the wood finish you want to order this item in.

None Natural Finish $0.00 Pecan Finish $0.00 Medium Tea Brown Finish $0.00 Classic Finish $0.00 Cherry Finish $0.00 Noche Antique Finish $0.00 Rosewood Finish $0.00 English Mahogany Finish $0.00 Salak Chocolate Finish $0.00 Tea Brown Antique Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish $0.00 Antique Gold Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique Silver Finish $0.00 Plain White Finish $0.00 Plain White Distressed Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish $0.00 Antique White Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00 Antique White Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish $0.00 Antique Ivory Cream Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Gold Highlights $0.00 Plain Black Finish with Silver Highlights $0.00

Fabric selections

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None Light Cream Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Latte Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Caramel Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Grey Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Golden Latte Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Pink Mauve Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Light Sky Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Mustard Gold Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Burgundy Maroon Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Ruby Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Cherry Blood Red Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Grape Purple Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Aqua Turquoise Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Royal Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Navy Dark Blue Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Chocolate Brown Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Grey Picasso Micro Velvet $0.00 Black Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Emerald Green Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Edwardian Dark Green Beautico Micro Velvet $0.00 Damask Madrid Latte $0.00 Damask Madrid Mustard Gold No.5 $0.00 Damask Madrid Golden Latte No.1 $0.00 Damask Madrid Ruby No.4 $0.00 Damask Madrid Burgundy Maroon No.6 $0.00 Damask Marbella Red, Black, Gold No.10 $0.00 Damask Marbella Red, Gold No.9 $0.00 Damask Marbella Cream, Red No.3 $0.00 Damask Marbella Mustard Gold No.6 $0.00 Damask Marbella Grey No.4 $0.00 Damask Marbella Grey and Black No.5 $0.00 Leopard Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Tiger Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Zebra Print Faux Fur Fabric $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Cream $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Red $0.00 Mozart Self Patterened Velvet - Black $0.00 Broken White Comfort Synthetic Leather (Light Off White Cream) $0.00 Cream Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Gading Bone Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Cappuccino Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Tan Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Brown Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Aubergine OSC-01 Synthetic Leather $0.00 Maroon Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Red (Ox Blood) Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Red Plum Belchers Synthetic Leather $0.00 Dark Green Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Cleo Synthetic Leather $0.00 Black Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00 Light Grey Comfort Synthetic Leather $0.00
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